Raw Extract CBD Oil in Virgin Hemp Oil

Raw Extract CBD oil suspended in Virgin Hemp Oil provides liquid CBD oil in its most natural form. The supercritical CO2 extraction of oil from the whole Sativa L hemp plant preserves the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The combination of all the plant extracts is considered by many researchers to give an entourage effect in which the combined effect of all the cannabinidiol and other essential oils and vitamins is greater than CBD alone. Raw Extract CBD oil complements your relaxation techniques for busy days or as part of your routine for restful sleep, working with the body’s own endocannabinoid system that helps to regulate anxiety, inflammation and mood. To comply with UK regulations, this oil contains less than 0.01% THC.

Raw Extract CBD oil in Virgin Hemp Oil is available in six strengths – 500mg CBD oil (5%), 1000mg CBD oil (10%), 2000mg CBD oil (20%) and 3000mg CBD oil (30%) with a choice of pipette or spray tops and 4000mg CBD oil (40%) and 5000mg CBD oil (50%) in pipette tops only, suspended in 10ml of organic Virgin Hemp Oil.

How to take Raw Extract CBD oil in Virgin Hemp Oil

Most users place 1 – 2 drops or sprays of CBD oil under their tongue and hold it there for around sixty seconds then swallow it. The CBD is absorbed through the mucous membrane under the tongue – the fastest way to get it into your system. However, for people who find the nutty herbal taste strong, CBD in Virgin Hemp can also be added to food such as yogurt or smoothies, on toast or added to juice or other drinks. Do not add to very hot foods or drinks as the effectiveness of the cannabinidiol is reduced if heated above 65ºC.

CBD Oil dose

Purelife raw extract CBD oil requires no preparation for use.

We advise you to begin with a lower strength CBD oil and build up to high strength CBD oil if needed. One to two sprays or one to two drops of oil twice per day can be taken with more through the day if needed. The maximum daily dose advised for non-medically licensed CBD is 70mg per day.

As with all supplements, users should consult their doctor to assure themselves that there will be no conflict with any medication or health condition before using the product. Use of CBD oil is not to be considered a replacement for prescription drugs or other medical treatments.

The taste of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Raw Extract CBD oil in Virgin Hemp oil has a herbal taste which becomes stronger for the higher percentage concentrations. Whilst sublingual administration (drops or spray under the tongue) remains one of the fastest ways to absorb CBD oil, should you find the taste strong it can be taken with a few drops of honey or foods that are not heated for consumption. Alternatively you may wish to try Raw CBD in MCT oil, which has a milder taste

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