Premium THC FREE CBD Cannabis Oil in Virgin Hemp Oil

Purelife THC FREE Premium CBD oil in Virgin Hemp oil contains wide spectrum oil from whole plant CO2 supercritical extraction. A special additional process further refines the raw CBD oil to remove every trace of THC. This becomes boosted CBD oil when CBD distillate is added, resulting in a pure organic high strength CBD oil to with zero THC content. With Premium THC FREE range you can increase the cannabidiol available to enjoy as part of your healthy living regime with the assurance that only CBD cannabinoid is present in your oil.

Purelife offer Organic Premium THC FREE CBD Cannabis oil in MCT in 500mg THC FREE CBD (5%), 1000mg THC FREE CBD (10%), 2000mg THC FREE CBD (20%) and 3000mg THC FREE CBD (30%) per 10ml of organic virgin hemp oil, so you can choose the best high strength CBD for your use. The bottles are available with spray or pipette lids.

CBD oil benefits

Whilst CBD and Cannabis oil has been constantly in the news, CBD oil UK law means that oils which have not gone through extensive medical testing must be sold as food supplements, and cannot be advertised as medicines. Users tell us they value CBD oil as part of their strategy to help them to relax and feel calmer so it is often used alongside a regular routine for restful sleep and as part of individuals’ regime for dealing with stressful days.

What does CBD oil do?

The human body produces natural cannabidiol utilised by the endocannabinoid system to regulate many neural, immune and inflammatory responses. Providing extra CBD to the body’s resources allows full utilisation of the natural processes that balance responses we may not wish for. Although the name of the product includes ‘cannabis oil’, this refers to the cannabis family of plants that includes the Sativa L. This industrial hemp is what we process to make our raw CBD extract. Because industrial hemp is naturally low in THC, the final steps to remove it from the finished cannabis oil are easier to accomplish. None of Purelife’s CBD oil products contain sufficient THC to trigger a psychoactive response, but this product contains none at all. There is no change of becoming ‘high’ and the oil will pass all drugs and lab tests with a zero THC rating.

What is CBD oil used for?

Some users report that they have better focus when they take CBD supplements, whilst others consider it aids relaxation. As individual responses vary, you should begin with a low dose and see what works well for you. CBD oil as a dietary supplement is not a medicine and should not be used to replace prescription drugs. Many people use it alongside the conventional treatments that support their wellness for a range of conditions as well as taking CBD supplements as part of their daily wellbeing regime. Premium CBD Cannabis oil is some of the strongest CBD oil UK manufacturers can offer you as a supplement. Our rigorous testing with independent laboratories means we are certain of the pure CBD values for each batch as well as the levels of all cannabiniods in the oil.

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