Premium CBD Cannabis Oil in MCT Oil

Purelife Premium CBD Cannabis oil in MCT is a boosted CBD oil. It is amongst the strongest CBD oil in MCT UK manufactured at our own works. This assures the purity and strength of the oil. CBD distillate is added to full spectrum CBD oil, derived from whole plant extract via CO2 supercritical extraction. The result is a pure organic high strength CBD oil that contains both high strength CBD and all the benefits of the full range of plant extracts contained in organic raw CBD oil. The MCT oil is processed directly by the liver, so it is not stored by the body as a fat, but releases its energy straight away. This provides fast and sustained uptake of the CBD carries as well as wider benefits that recent research links with increased brain function and wider effects on the body.

Don’t be confused by the Cannabis oil part of the product name! The CBD oil we use in the production of Premium CBT oil in MTC is derived from Sativa L – a member of the Cannabis genus also know as industrial hemp. It is naturally ultra-low in THC, the compound that can cause “highs” in illicitly sold marijuana based products. The EU legal trace amount of THC is so low that you can safely drive and pass drugs test for work. This soil contains less than 0.01% THC. We test all our oils in independent labs so you can always be sure the cannabinoid levels stated on the bottle is correct.

Purelife offers Premium CBD in MCT in 500mg CBD (5%), 1000mg CBD (10%), 2000mg CBD (20%), 3000mg CBD (30%) per 10ml of organic MCT oil, so you can choose the best strength of CBD for your use. The bottles are available with spray or pipette lids.

CBD oil effects

Supporting wellness while healing or with long-term conditions requires a balance of physical and dietary strategies. Premium CBD in MTC is valued as a dietary supplement by our customers as one of their healthy living choices. A balanced diet and regular exercise is also important when dealing with stress. The role that the body’s endocannabinoid system has in regulating pain and anxiety is the subject of much research at the moment along with the role medicinal CBD can have in regulating epilepsy and other neurological conditions. While CBD NHS presciption permissions are limited to a very few conditions, and medical cannabis oils are difficult to obtain, many customers are using CBD dietary supplements as part of their daily healthy eating routine. However, customers who buy Premium CBD oils online must remember that CBD supplements are not a medicine as they have not gone through NICE approved testing, and should not be used to replace prescription medicines or to treat diseases. Users should check with their doctor or pharmacist that CBD preparations they choose will not interfere with their prescription medicines or adversely affect any ongoing health issues.

CBD oil dosage

UK legal CBD advice is that users should take no more than 200mg of CBD per day. You can easily calculate the amount of CBD per drop and therefore your daily intake from the per drop values stated on each bottle. If you want to combine your CBD liquid use with CBD Vape, CBD Gummies, capsules isolate or other sources from the Purelife CBD product range, the CBD content of each products is clearly labelled. Just keep a note of the combined amount of CBD from your various sources of CBD to stay below the recommended limit – it’s fine to mix and match.

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