Essican Purelife flavoured CBD oils range

Premium Flavoured CBD Oil

Enjoy all the goodness of THC free broad spectrum with the best CBD flavours! Essican Purelife flavoured CBD oil comes in a choice of seven exciting varieties of flavoured CBD oral drops, and in two strengths: 1000mg or  2000mg CBD per 10ml bottle. Packed full of all the terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins of Sativa L Hemp, it will appeal to CBD users who may find the taste of hemp in unflavoured oil a little too herbal. Made with CBD distillate produced from full plant extract, then processed to remove all traces of THC, our oils are blended with Organic refined Hemp oil and delicious food and drink flavours to make taking your daily CBD a treat.

As with all our CBD products the hemp is ethically sourced from trusted suppliers. Its purity and strength is independently certified by independent laboratories.

Flavoured CBD Drops FAQs

Can I take flavoured CBD with other CBD products?
You can freely mix all of our CBD products such as CBD Gummies, CBD capsules and Raw CBD Paste. You should note that UK government advice is to take no more than 70mg of CBD per day, so just keep a note of what your total intake of CBD through the day amounts to.

Can I get high on flavoured CBD drops?
There is no THC in our flavoured CBD. Since THC is the only part of the cannabis family of plants that could create a psychoactive response in the body, you will be legal to drive, operate machinery and will be able to take work-related substance tests with no concerns.

Are CBD liquid flavours suitable for children?
All CBD products sold in the UK are intended for over 18s only.

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