Premium THC FREE CBD Cannabis Oil in MCT Oil

Premium THC Free CBD Oil gives all the benefits of wide spectrum high strength CBD suspended in MCT boosted with CBD distillate. Whilst Purelife’s Raw and Premium ranges of CBD oils are perfectly legal to use in the EU and UK, the raw CBD oil that goes into Premium THC Free CBD in virgin hemp goes through an extra step of heating and filtering to remove all traces of cannabinoids such as THC. Only ultra-sensitive drugs tests or lab-testing of the oil might show up the miniscule amount of THC present in the regular versions. These are only normally of concern when present in much larger amounts, but if you are concerned that you could be hypersensitive to THC or that you could have an issue with testing for work, then our THC Free products along with CBD isolate, CBD gummies and CBD capsules are perfect for you.

Purelife offer Premium THC FREE CBD in MCT in 500mg THC FREE CBD (5%), 1000mg THC FREE CBD (10%), 2000mg THC FREE CBD   (20%) and 3000mg THC FREE CBD (30%) per 10ml of MCT oil, so you can choose the best high strength CBD to use as a supplement. The bottles are available with spray or pipette lids.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Purelife offer a wide range of CBD oil strengths because the dose per day for the optimum CBD benefits varies considerably between individuals, depending on what they hope to achieve. We suggest that you begin with a low dose of, for instance, 2 drops of 1000mg CBD per day for up to 14 days before increasing to more drops per day or more frequent doses until you find your optimal dose.


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