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Here are a few of our recent reviews:

Help with Sleep

I recommend this product, it helps me sleep and my moods have lifted from a deep depression, I also got my dad the same stuff and he is 72 and the difference in his mood has been amazing.

Stephen, UK

Arm & Shoulder Pain Relief

Thank you. I bought this a week or so ago and have gone from using 8-10 prescription painkillers and 2-3 prescription anti-inflammatories every day and a hot water bottle every night even through summer (plus ibuprofen gel) to taking nothing. Nothing at all. Unbelievable. You’ve given me my arm/shoulder and my life back.

Beverley, UK

Glaucoma Pain Relief

My father suffered for years with constant eye pain through glaucoma and macular degeneration. Prescription medication gave practically no relief and he was basically living on ibuprofen. Since starting Purelife CBD 500 he says he is in eye pain heaven. It’s miraculous. Thank you.


Fantastic Customer Service

Excellent products and fantastic customer service. I would definitely recommend.


CBD for Pets

Just wanted to say a big thank you.

Although not sold for pets of course, I did my research for a while on how I could help my nearly 21 year old cat. The vet sent her home with nothing they could really do for her 4 years ago and she decided she was quite happy alive actually, but obviously at 20 she’s got poor kidney function, arthritis as well as now being pretty much completely blind and deaf! Until a few weeks ago however she was pain free and happy enough so I promised her I’d not put her through extensive vet treatments beyond pain relief and (eek) the final visit if necessary.

A couple weeks ago she took a downward turn, seemingly suffering with walking and generally not herself at all, in pain just from being picked up seemingly. The vet has said she can’t have NSAIDs due to her kidneys and that if we do go that route it would be pretty much for end of life as it would finish her struggling kidneys off which she manages to self regulate with input/output at present (yay nature!)…

So as an anticoagulant nurse who has listened to a few patients who have gone on cbd oil, and after reading up on it, I worked out an appropriate dose and started her on it hopefully, as I knew I couldn’t let her carry on as she was…

The last couple of days have seen the cat back to her usual lovely self and although of course it isn’t a miracle as it can’t cure her being 20, she’s happy and not suffering! She’s back stomping round the garden and loves snuggles again and she’s engaging and communicating whereas before she fell in to her own little world of pain, hardly getting up at all.

I was obviously hopeful but realistic, but the sheer difference has really filled me with joy and although time is going to certainly catch up with the little beast, I’m very sure the cbd oil will make her days happier.

In short, thank you so much for the prompt delivery, the reassurance of the certificates that you make available (as an anticoagulant nurse I like to practice safe alternative meds like I preach to my patients) and the information you have on your website.

Lila (the purry cat) and I thank you and I hope I’ll be a repeat customer for as long as the cat feels like she wants to stick around!