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Purelife Raw Extract CBD vape oil is available in four strengths – 500mg raw extract (5%),1000mg raw extract (10%), 2000mg raw extract (20%) and 3000mg raw extract (30%). Our high grade European hemp is Supercritical CO2 extracted to produce full spectrum extract that contains a guaranteed minimum of 20% CBD/CBDA cannabinoids as well as the full range of terpenes, vitamins and flavonoids found in Sativa L.  The resulting CBD oil is suspended in 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propylene Glycol to give a perfect CBD e-liquid to use in your vape pen. EU regulations require Raw Extract CBD Vape to be labelled as a food supplement, however many users find the taste extremely sweet and prefer Raw Extract CBD in Virgin Hemp oil or Raw Extract CBD in MTC for oral use.

How can you vape CBD oil

Raw CBD oil for vaping can be used neat from the bottle as you would with any other vape juice, but most users prefer to add a few drops to their favourite flavoured vape liquid. So, the answer to can you mix CBD oil with e-liquid is yes, but only when is it is formulated in VGPG so it readily mixes with the other vape juice. Neat or blended – it is your choice how to vape cbd oil and we suggest you experiment a little with method and quantities to see what suits you..

Inhalation of vapor containing CBD provides fast uptake into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the lungs. You can also choose to use Raw CBD VGPG liquid orally – just put a couple of drops under your tongue – a fast way for the CBD to enter the bloodstream. It is however extremely sweet and many people do not find it palatable. It is not advisable for diabetics to CBD in VGPG orally due to the high sugar content.

Benefits of vaping CBD

CBD vape oil or CBD E-Liquid is fast gaining popularity as a discrete way use CBD use throughout the day. Purelife’s use of CO2 extracted supercritical CBD oil gives the best CBD vape oil UK suppliers offer. This extraction method preserves the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and vitamins found in industrial hemp. You cannot get “high” from Purelife’s CBD vape e-liquid as it contains only CBD vape oil UK legal trace amounts of THC (the cannabinoid that can cause psychoactive responses in marijuana users).

How much Raw Extract CBD Oil to vape

Users are advised to limit their CBD dose to less than 200mg of CBD per day. You can easily work this out from counting the drops you add to your vape pen as the amount of CBD oil per drop is given on the bottle label. We suggest you begin with a low dose and increase it if you wish to.

CBD vape oil is not a medicine, and should not be used to treat medical conditions, it is not suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers. It should not be used by under 18s and we may ask to check your age when you order. Please check with your doctor that CBD vape oil is suitable for use in combination with any medication you are taking.

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